“Of Maybe, Of Why Not” (fiction)

Fall 2017 issue of Yemassee Journal


Actual Real Letters

published in Superstition Review, December 2015

“What Follows the Rain”

published in Fourteen Hills, December 2014


published in The Common, October 2014

“As the Water Rose”

published in the minnesota review, May 2014

“The Harvester”

published in Pithead Chapel, April 2014


published in Writing Tomorrow, April 2014

“Running Clean”

published in Alternating Current Press, August, 2013

“Of Muzzy Smoke and Lapping Flame”

published in Hobart, March 2013

“I Heart Gus”

published in Nat.Brut, January 2013


published in Necessary Fiction, December 2012


published in Waccamaw, April 2010


As To Who We Are” (nonfiction)

Published in the American Literary Review, March 2017

“Like Happy Birthday But Not Really”

published in Mud Season Review, April 2015

“The Thrill”

published in Hobart, April 2014


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